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for the harmonious cohabitation of people and dogs

Little Darling Energy

Small dogs have a higher metabolism and therefore higher energy requirements. GimDog Crispy Bits Energy, as well as the paste and pudding variants, are rich in protein and/or contain dextrose and L-Carnitin, and thus help to increase energy levels. 

Little Darling Sensitive

As a rule, small dogs have sensitive skin. GimDog Nutri Snacks and Snack Paste Sensitivewith zinc, biotin and Omega 3, prevent irritations and also ensure beautiful, shiny fur.

Little Darling Sensitive products

Little Darling Mobility

Small dogs have a particularly high life expectancy. This means that their joints must work well over a long period of time. GimDog Crispy Bits Mobility and the corresponding paste with glucosamine and Omega 3 serve as a real "lubricant" for the joints. 

Little Darling Mobility products

Little Darling Dental

Our little darlings' teeth are closer together in their mouth. This means that any food residue can be more difficult to remove from the spaces, and may consequently lead to bacteria and plaque build-up, which can frequently cause cavities. GimDog Dental 2in1 Nutri Snacks with mint can prevent this and ensure fresh breath. 

Little Darling Dental products

Little Darling Multi-Vitamin

Our little furry nosed friends often have to deal with sensitive digestion. We can also help them with this: The lactose reduced yoghurt digestive supports healthy digestion and therefore contributes to well-being.

Little Darling Multi-Vitamin Products

Little Darling Digestive

Our little furry nosed friends often have to deal with sensitive digestion. We can also help them with this: The lactose reduced yoghurt digestive supports healthy digestion and therefore contributes to well-being.

Little Darling Digestive Products

Dogs' nerves need nourishing too

Dogs have 99.6% the same DNA as wolves. But the dog is a completely different animal. The difference is particularly evident in its social interaction with us humans. No other pet can learn and interpret looks or finger pointing quite as well as the dog.

The integration of the dog into its human herd requires time and love, as well as consistent nutrition. Not only is this hard work for us people, but it is also a challenge for our four-legged pets. GimDog snacks comprehensively support your dog's overall development. Our carefully selected ingredients increase its physical and mental fitness in a targeted way.

The snack for dogs with special extras!

Discover the unique Nutri Pockets with vitamin B complex and support your dog's mental health! In combination with other valuable ingredients, it promotes shiny fur, bright teeth and strong limbs.


GimDog snacks are fun and super tasty. But there's even more to them than that. Enriched with valuable vitamins and minerals, they support the physical and mental fitness of your dog and make an active contribution to its well-being.

Nutri Pockets

The unique creamy filling in Nutri Pockets is in a class of its own: thanks to vitamin B complex and other valuable ingredients, it supports the physical and mental fitness of your dog!


You can happily reward your dog a bit more often with GimDog drops. They are not only super tasty, but also contain lots of vitamins and important nutrients!

Fit & Strong

Prevent nutritional deficiencies with the GimDog Funcion Pastes and ensure your dog's long-lasting happiness.

Shiny Dog

This is what every snack should be like: tasty, digestible and healthy. The chicken treats are of course only made with the best ingredients!

Country Snacks

If your dog loves long walks over fields and meadows, it will love the Country Snacks. Designed to meet the basic needs of dogs, this is the ideal snack for real nature-loving dogs.

Sport Snacks

Does your dog come with you when you go cycling, skating or jogging? Then it's definitely earned one of these exquisite Sport Snacks! Especially designed for active dogs, the snacks support the metabolism and promote motivation.

Additional products

In addition to a large range of snacks, you can find complementary products for dental care and puppy rearing at GimDog.


Puppy rearing milk is based on the mother's own milk and supplies puppies with all the nutrients they need for growth.

Dental care

Prevent tooth damage and gum irritation with our Dental Care products - or simply make sure your dog has fresh breath.

About us

GimDog is a Gimborn brand - the pet specialist! What drives us is the harmonious cohabitation of people and dogs. At our headquarters in Emmerich, we create products that comprehensively support the development of your dog in a species-appropriate way.


At GimDog, we see the dog as a pack animal. Harmonious integration into its herd - the people with whom it lives - is essential. To do so, it is reliant on its unique social abilities and willingness to learn.

This is why it is important that a dog's nutrition satisfies more than its physical needs. We produce species-appropriate snacks that comprehensively support the development of your dog. Our carefully chosen ingredients not only promote the physical, but also the mental fitness of your dog.


At GimDog, every single one of us has responsibility. We focus on maintaining the variety of species, caring for our culture and countryside and interacting responsibly with our environment.

In product development and production, we also protect the environment and reduce our impact on it by following a number of fixed principles:

• Use of cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly technology
• Multi-layered use of natural resources
• Sensible recycling and environmentally-friendly disposal of materials